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Xs850 carb swap

Xs850 carb swap

Mikuni Oz Product Description. You will very quickly realize that the expense of a rebuild of your old worn OEM carbs can far exceed the cost of these new units and unfortunately as with many rebuilds now days you only have the option in many cases of gambling with very poor quality aftermarket parts. Before rushing in and ordering please firstly check your carb spacing and carbie sizes for compatibility.

These carbs measure mm front to back length and 55mm OD at the air-filter inlet end and 42mm OD at the outlet, they are a direct fit if replacing Mikuni CV Carbs. A spare set of size 15 pilots are provided and may need fitting when using the stock air-box. Two spare sets of mains are also provided for WOT testing for confirming correct tune. Other than that bolt them on and hold on. You can also buy separately either POD filters or Velocity stacks for racing, which have no form of filter in them 15, 30,50 and 75mm long.

Additional Information:. Australian Shipping Information:. All shipping within Australia is via Australia Post only. EBay freight times are estimates only and do not take in to account our location. We have express options available for all our products also. The freight times around Australia are as follows.

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Express Freight. Anywhere in QLD except some rural areas is next day delivery. Please note that weather events such as flooding, cyclones and other natural disasters etc will delay any ground freight.

This is entirely out of our control if this occurs. International Shipping Information:. The international service we use is generally Business days for delivery but can be shorter or longer. All international buyers are responsible for the payment of their domestic customs duties and taxes charged on imported goods. Please check your tracking on all international shipments within 7 days to follow their progress and determine if it is being held by your local customs dept.

Please also note that international parcels HAVE to be signed for and all parcels whether domestic or international are fully insured. Returns and Refunds:. Our business Warranty or Return period is 7 days only. Here at Mikuni OZ we do offer refunds and returns but there are strict procedures for this.

All carburettor kits that need to be returned for refund or exchange MUST be returned in the exact same way they left the warehouse.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia. MikuniOz mikunioz Returns and Refunds: Our business Warranty or Return period is 7 days only. Australia Post International Express.Triples seem to perfectly blend the torquey nature of V-Twins with the high-revving excitement of four-cylinders, with a wonderful exhaust melody to boot.

Now Yamaha has released its latest Triple, the FZ, with sights set on grabbing a piece of this three-cylinder pie. The tuning fork company is looking to shake up the relatively bland motorcycle scene coming out of Japan. To fully appreciate the next wave of Japanese Triples, we need to look back at the last time Yamaha had a go with three cylinders. The origins for these two bikes share a similar plot line with the FZ Inin an attempt to introduce something new, exciting and different in the age of the four-cylinder Kawasaki Z1 and Honda CB, Yamaha introduced the XS The iron block carried a forged steel crank with two-piece connecting rods and plain bearings.

1996-2004 XR250R 30mm Carb Swap

Power was transmitted through a five-speed gearbox and ultimately a shaft drive to the rear wheel. A feature seen on many shaft-driven motorcycles today, CV U-joints allowed the swingarm to pivot up and down without affecting the power delivery to the rear wheel. The XS, while unique among its competition, was engineered with reliability in mind and was never the horsepower king amongst its rivals, especially the Kawasaki Z1.

Ride quality was impressive for its time, and the twin rear shocks featured five-position preload adjustability. The telescopic fork was adjustable three ways. Sounds rather rudimentary today, but by standards the XS handled rather well. A major issue affecting handling is fork stiction, or the stanchions not compressing or rebounding smoothly after a jolt.

The seemed to solve those issues, providing a surprisingly compliant ride. It, along with the distinctive engine, made the XS a collectible bike today. So in the XS was introduced. Still, it was the bigger Triple people were asking for. Because of this EPA crackdown for cleaner burning engines, Yamaha turned to Hitachi, not Mikuni, to outfit the XS with carbs jetted incredibly lean. This combined with a very restrictive muffler and complicated air intake plumbing meant the pleased the sniff test, but performance took a dive.

A demand for more power spawned the XS Despite the bigger engine, power was actually less than the XS due to the strict emission requirements of the time. Of course, once the bikes went into private hands, bigger jets or a whole carb swapcleaner intake routing and free-flowing exhausts quickly fixed this power issue and negated any stride to help the environment. The s continued where the left off, introducing air forks to complement the adjustable shocks. A common feature on some cruiser shocks today, the air forks work in a similar fashion.

Modifying XS850 Petcocks to Stop Leaks

Increasing or decreasing air pressure within the fork tube helps determine the stiffness of the front end. The system had its quirks, but overall it delivered a good ride. Combined with its capable chassis canyon runs became an exciting task. Rubber mounted handlebars and engine mounts, coupled with a cushy seat, meant vibes were all but non-existent.

We now come back full circle to the FZ The chart below provides some interesting data we can use to compare and contrast the XS to the FZ.

A bargain if the bike lives up to the hype. At cc, the FZ has a 10mm larger bore than the XS The new bike is also liquid-cooled, as opposed to the air-cooled XS engines. With four valves per cylinder, the FZ gets double the amount of valves at 12, while compression is also considerably higher at Carburetors have given way to electronic fuel injection.

Obviously, with almost 40 years separating the first XS from the new FZ, many things have changed. Suspensions have advanced, materials have improved and of course engine technology has progressed.In outside dimensions, it is nearly identical.

You can see in the picture above that, basically, the only difference is that the CRFF original carburetor is not bored out as large as the XRR carburetor 26mm vs 30mm. As the XRR carb has a larger bore, on a stock bike it will give up a noticeable amount of throttle response at low RPM, but allows for more peak power and far less of a drop-off in power at high RPM. This means that it is only an upgrade for some people as other people do not rev their CRFF out and would not experience much benefit.

It should also be noted that larger jets will be required with the XRR carburetor compared to the CRFF carburetor, as the larger bore reduces the amount of vacuum felt by the main jet. Skip to content. The original carburetor has an angled fuel inlet to clear the frame on the CRFF. Some people install a brass bend and braze or epoxy it into place.

C Loosen all of the motor mounts, have a buddy force the entire engine in a direction which gives the fuel line more clearance, and have your buddy hold it there while you tighten all the motor mounts again. For this, you can use a dremel to match the intake manifold to the larger carburetor.

The metering needle is different. Pros of the XRR carb swap: Performance benefit for modified engines On the outside, it looks just like the original carburetor. Perfect for that sleeper build.

xs850 carb swap

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel.It seems that they all leak and end up flooding the carbs, cascading fuel into the pistons. That fuel works its way into the engine oil where it spells trouble for the engine. My bike was no exception. And as luck would have it, replacement petcocks are on extended backorder at every place I found that carries the part. With this parts shortage in mind, not wanting to screw with a rebuild kit, and wanting to ride the XS without risk to the engine, I decided to cut out the source of the leak and refashion the petcocks into fuel taps.

Carburetor Swap Options

Yes my friends, I decided to hack apart the existing petcocks and install some brass ball valves instead. Step 2: Hack off the part of the petcock that hangs out of the fuel tank.

Step 3: Acquire brass barb fittings and put them into the hacked off petcocks. JBWeld them in place.

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Step 7: mount the hacked-apart, JBWelded petcocks on the tank and attach your desired fittings. I found the brass fittings at a local, family-run hardware store. Look at those beautiful new ball valves! I think I go the better deal.

Note that doing this, you will need to put in in-line fuel filters. I picked up a couple inexpensive filters from a local autoparts store that are working great. As soon as the air filter comes for the bike, I will be out on the highway.

750 Cross Kart - DUAL CARB Swap + Jetting!

That position is no longer needed with my modified XS petcocks. This is useful when you run low on fuel or when priming the carbs after having drained the fuel system. This also bypasses the original internal fuel filters. That is why I had to add in-line fuel filters further downstream. I also capped off the vacuum ports on the carb bodies as my petcock modifications no longer rely upon vacuum to open and operate the petcocks.

The downside to this is that you have to remember to turn off the manual in-line valves and turn them on. Otherwise, the fuel can overflow the float bowls in the carbs, end up pooling in the cylinders, and work its way into the oil where it will do lots of damage to your engine. I rebuilt one of my petcocks about a month ago and its leaking again. I am having truble starting the bike after it gets hot,wondering if it was getting gas into the cylinders after I shut it off hot would it vapor lock,would you have any ideas?

I redid the spark plug wires,gas cap gasket,now this pecock thing,I want to do all the cheap stuff before I decide to pay Will appreciate any input.

9 Genius Tricks for Cutting Carbs You've Never Tried

Mine have been in place for about a year and are still working just fine.Parts available. Located in the Midwest. You would be responsible for the cost of shipping. I have tried pricing relative to comps online. However, make me an offer and the worst I can say is no.

I accept Venmo. Seat pan is relatively rusted but the hardware and seat cover appear to be in fairly good condition. Would prefer to sell as a set. The lower tab on the left side is broken but the paint and emblems appear to be in The grab bar will need some restoration but it is solid.

Tail light functions properly and has only minor blemishes. Underside has a fair amount of surface rust although it appear to be salvageable. Still wired for operation. Willing to include the plastic fender liner as well if interested at no additional cost. Selling this cruiser set. Open to offers can deliver within reason. Located in Binghamton NY area. Hi guys!

Looking for a seat for eleven special Has anyone got a belly pan foresale. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. XS owners group buyswap and sell Public group. Join group settings More. Marc Sackman 8 October Had a stuck float pin on my carb and broke a post.

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xs850 carb swap

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Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter SullivanPosh Start date Sep 26, SullivanPosh New Member.

Kinda new here. I am now with bike, without wife and looking at plenty of free time and a need for transportation. It has carb issues. The issues turned out to be a busted float support. I need to find a suitable solution. Preferably just replacement, unless I should just take this to a shop, I'm not really a Carb Guy.

xs850 carb swap

I'm cool with OEM, used, trade or aftermarket. I'm just working within a tight budget Divorce is currently in process. I'd be happy for any and all advice. Even if it's that I need to move this thread to a different area.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Thread: xs carb conversion help? Hey all, I've got an xs that I'm trying to convert to the carbs from a Triumph Trident.

Carb model bst36ss I believe. I'm super new at this and figured I'd just google and there'd be a ton of info. Well, not quite as much as I'd hoped. I didn't have the fortune of taking off the old carbs to use as a reference.

I'm also going to pod filters and eliminating the air box. I've split the new ones cleaned them replaces some broken parts, but now that they're ready to go back on, I don't know how the vacuum lines connect.


It looks like two of the carbs are capped with only one having a vacuum line coming from it. It also looks like there might be a connection for a vacuum line on one of the rails? It looks like there's only one fuel line connection and that's to the rail as well. Does anyone have any good references or has done this conversion before? I don't seem to be able to join the yamahatriples. Thanks in advance for any help! Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

Here is info from that site - don't need to be a member to read and learn; Thread: triumph carbs on a yamaha triple? Just one of the posts,from dBuster: "Okay for the sake of it, I searched the forums and there are members who have fitted Triumph carbs.

There are some threads of members who have done so and contacting them directly in a pm might help you out.